Monday, January 7, 2013

The Murder Of Bruiser Brody

Buiser Brody achieved alot of secess in NWA, WWF, WCCW and WWC winning many
championship's. His promising career came to abrupt end on July 17 1988 in Puerto Rico. While sitting in his WWC lockeroom prior to a match with Abdulla The Butcher, Tony Atlas, Dan Spivey and several other wrestlers, WWC booker/
wrestler Jose Hueitas Gonzales aka Invader I came up to him and asked him to go into the shower so they could talk buisness. When Brody
ducked to enter the shower Gonzales grabbed him by the hair and stabbed him 48 times. The ambulance didnt arrive until 45 mins later allowing Gonzales to hide the murder weapon.Word is Gonzales, who was a top star at the time,
feared that Brody planned to take over WWC since
Brody was investing in the company at the time. In
court Gonzales was found Not Guilty because no
witnesses would come foreward to testify.

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