Monday, January 7, 2013

Ravishing Rick Rude

Richard Roode aka Rick Rude went to high school with Curt Hennig, Barry Darsow, Nikita Koloff and
Brady Boone. Rick began his wrestling carrier in 1983 under the name Rickey Roode in Vancouver's NWA All-Star's. He bounced around between GCW, Mid South and WCCW before joining Jim Crockett's NWA. Rude was one half of the NWA World Tag Team Champions, along with Manny Fernandez. In 1987, while they were still champion's, Rude was signed by WWF. Crockett just aired a old non-title match that they lost to the Rock N Roll Express on NWA tv and claimed that they lost the titles. Rude had a run in WWE with Bobby Hennan as his manager. He left in
October 1990 and debuted in WCW on October 27th 1990 as The Halloween Phantom. He unmasked later that night. He defeated Sting for the WCW United States Championship and fueded with Rickey Steamboat, even breaking kayfabe during one
incident and breaking Steamboat's nose in a shoot gang fight. He had to forfeit the title due to a injury. In 1993 he defeated Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship but due to WCW withdrawling from NWA he became the WCW
International World Champion and went on to hold the title on 3 seperate occasions. He won the belt the 3rd time in a match with Sting. During t he match he seriously injured his neck and had to give up the belt. He retired from active competition shortly after. He signed with ECW and was a announcer, spending most of his time
harassing Shane Douglas and The Triple Threat before joining them. During a ECW vs 
WWF/USWA interpromotional match he helped Jerry Lawler
defeat Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman. He returned to WWE as DX's insurance policy. He still appeared on ECW the entire time. On the night of
the Montreal Screw Job he called Eric Bischoff from Bret Hart's hotel room and set up a deal. The
next day he appeared on both RAW and WCW Nitro. RAW was taped 6 hour's earlier. On RAW he had a beard but on Nitro he was clean shaven. He also appeared on ECW that weekend becoming the only person to appear for all 3 major promotions in 1 week. On April 20th 1999 Rude died of a heart failure due to overdosing on pain pills & steroids.

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