Monday, January 7, 2013

The Troubled Life of Miss Elizabeth Hulette

Elizabeth Hulette, better known to wrestling fans as Miss Elizabeth met Randall Poffo aka Macho Man' Randy Savage in 1984 while working as a valet in ICW. They married later that year. On the August 24th 1985 edition of WWF Prime Time Wrestling she was brought in as Savage's unknown manager. She would remain at Savage's side through out his fueds with George 'The Animal' Steele, Hulk Hogan and Ricky Steamboat. She would become the 1st female valet to manage a major World Champion when Savage captured the vacant WWF World Championship at WrestleMania IV. In 1989 she was part of a angle where Savage left her to be managed by Sherri Martel, which led to multiple catfights. She joined up with Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire in thier fued with Savage & Martel, costing Savage & Martel the 1st ever intergender tag team match at WrestleMania VI. She then dissappeared from the WWF before reappearing at WrestleMania VII to save Savage, who was being assaulted by Martel after losing a retirement match to The Ultimate Warrior. At SummerSlam 91 she "married" Savage in what was billed as A Match Made In Heaven. At the end of the reception she opened up a box and was shocked to find a live snake inside courtesy of Jake 'The Snake' Roberts. In her final WWF angle Ric Flair claimed that he dated Elizabeth before Savage met her and promised to reveal nude photo's of her at WrestleMania VIII. It never happened as Savage won the match. WWF Magazine reported the photo's were fake and doctored. She divorced Savage in real life on September 8th 1992. In manage The Four Horsemen. She would later turn on the Horsemen to join the New World Order with Savage. When the facton split she again turned on Savage join nWo Hollywood and would begin accompanying Eric Bishoff to the ring. In December 1997 she married an attorney named Cary Lubetsky in real life. They would divorce a few months later. In 1998 she reappeared in WCW telling police that Bill Goldberg was stalking her, causing him to be arrested and miss his WCW World Heavyweight Championship shot. Hollywood Hogan would fill in and win the title by poking Kevin Nash in the cheast, causing Nash to lay down, and pinning him. She revealed that she was lying and was a nWo pawn.

She then began managing Lex Luger and began dating him in real life. She had a short fued with Kimberly Page. On May 8th 2000 she wrestled in her 1st match ever against Daffney. WCW released her on August 17 2000. She continued dating Luger and planned to marry him in 2003. On April 19th 2003 police responded to a domestic dispute and found her with 2 bruised eyes, a knot on her head and a bloody lip. Luger was arrested, charged with battery and released on bond. 2 days later Luger, with Elizabeth in a passenger seat, rear ended a car while driving his Porche. Police reports say he had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. A 9-mm handgun was found in the car. On May 1st 2003, Lex Luger called 9-1-1 to report that she wasnt bretheing, the call aired on WWE Confidential, paramedic's rushed her to hospital where she was pronounced dead. She died of a drug overdose. She and Luger were mixing the prescription medication's Hydrocodone and Xanax with vodka. Later that day Luger was arrested and a search warrant was executed on thier residence. Police found Oxycontin, Xanax Anabolic Steroid's, Growth Hormone, and Testosterone in the home. Luger was charged with 14 counts of drug possesion, 13 of which were felonies. He pled guilty and recieved 5 year's probation and a $1000 fine. As part of his probation he had to submit lo periodic urine samples to be tested for drugs.

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