Monday, January 7, 2013

The Tragedy Of The Von Erich's

In thier heyday the Von Erich's were big star's in wrestling until thing's took a quick tragic turn. Only 1 of the 5 brother's that wrestled lived to see
35 *David Von Erich died in1984 while on tour with All Japan at the age of 26. Report's say that he died of a heart attack due to a rupture of his intestines. Ric Flair claimed in his autobiography that David died of a drug overdose & that Bruiser
Brody hid the evidence *Mike Von Erich contracted Toxic Shock Syndrome and underwent surgery that ended his career. Depressed he took
his own life in 1987 by a self- induced drug overdosed *Chris Von Erich became 
depressed by his brother's death's and not 

able to make it as a wrestler. In 1991 he commited suicide by shooting himself at the age of 21 *Kerry Von Erich was by far the most secessful of the 4 brother's. The former NWA World Heavyweight and WWF Intercontinential Champion overcame losing a foot in a 1986 motorcycle accident and continued his carrier. Sadly it all came to a end on Febuary 18, 1993. One day after be indicited on cocaine possesion charges, Kerry used a shot gun to end his own life at his father's ranch in Texas 

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